OK, now that you received all those wonderful CHRISTmas gifts, you are going to need thank you cards.

Send a country themed thank you for all your CHRISTmas gifts.  If you would like a different design, just let me know, and, I will design one for you, at no extra charge.  You can contact me at heartsandhappiness@embarqmail.com

There aren’t many country themed cards “out there”, and I love designing them, so please keep checking back to see my new designs.     (I don’t have professional picture taking equipment, so, please forgive the quality of my photography.  Believe me, they look great in person, and, are very crisp and clear in print.)

Here is my CHRISTmas thank you note card:


#5A – Gingerbread Men

These can be used for Christmas also, if you like.  However, I am listing them in the “Any Occasion” section, because I know of several people that have their kitchens decorated with gingerbread men, or collect them.  So, gingerbread men are fun all year long.